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Watch, listen and join in as Dot, Smidge, Mooch and Nora introduce you to the wonderful world of Ding Dong!

Ding Dong Fun is a pilot project developed by Cloud Cuckoo Land to accompany their interactive musical play, Ding Dong. The pilot is supported by Arts Connect as part of their Partnership Investment Programme, with in-kind support provided by mac, Birmingham. The total budget for the project was less than £2000.

Ding Dong Fun is a child-friendly web resource featuring interactive videos and audio activities which give children the chance to get to know Ding Dong‘s characters, story, language and music better: both in advance of the live experience, and afterwards. It aims to aid children’s interaction with a story they haven’t encountered before, enhancing the production’s accessibility to children with diverse educational and linguistic skills.

Children can simply navigate the website by clicking on picture buttons and videos: they might find this easier than using the main menu to explore.

Ding Dong Fun can also be found at the right hand end of the main website menu.

Unfortunately, as this is a pilot project, a small proportion of the videos may not be supported on some platforms / devices: but most of them are, so please keep looking around!

To find out more about the accompanying theatre production, Ding Dong, including tour dates, please click here.

In Autumn 2016, the production toured to theatres, hospitals and schools, supported using public funding by Arts Council England and The Sir Barry Jackson Trust. In addition to the Ding Dong Fun web resources, the tour was also accompanied by Ding Dong activity books and soundtrack CDs.

As a Birmingham-based emerging theatre company, we are especially interested in developing new ways of making children’s theatre accessible to children with English as an Additional Language (EAL). We also believe that children’s theatre must explore its potential to interweave digital/web storytelling and interaction into its broad narrative offer, if it is to compete with well-resourced productions which tie-in with popular children’s TV programmes.










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