Ding Dong Fun is created by Cloud Cuckoo Land and supported by Arts Connect as part of their Partnership Investment Fund.

Performed by:

Nora: Martha Shrimpton

Mooch: Beth Hopkins

Smidge: Natalie Mason

Dot: Katerina Pushkin

Written and Directed by Katerina Pushkin

Music and additional text written by the cast.

Artistic Advisor: Malcolm Jennings

Video direction by Scott Johnston (Filmficciones)

Post-production editing by Scott Johnston and Katerina Pushkin

Cast photographs by Naomi Oppenheim

With love and thanks to everyone at Festival Arts:

Felt backgrounds by Scott Johnston, Todd Jennings, Jess Clixby, Esme Brown, Jo Clixby, Jess Hakin, Thandi Smith, Ella Hakin, Beckie Brazier, Jack Laslett, Nick Davenport, Toby Moseley, Billy Jennings, Jess and Katerina Pushkin.

Community choir: Festival Arts just having fun

With warm thanks to Timothy Hodgson, the CSMs and everyone at mac Birmingham,

and extra special thanks to Jemima, Rob and the entire Arts Connect WM team!