An immersive installation for two people

CHAMELEON 03 - mini

chameleon exploits our shared memories, our relationship with the landscape and our capacity for play. It invites pairs of visitors to venture into a mysterious structure with ancient resonances: when they do so, their environment responds by unleashing a wonderland of hypnagogic sensations, which they can explore freely together – only gradually discovering the extent of their influence over their surroundings, and thus their power over each other.

The installation features a black-out space with damp gravel floor and multiple front/rear- projection sails meeting to form a “tent” (with pathways illuminated by electroluminescent string). Each entrance into the tent triggers its own unique sensory landscape instantaneously, like a portal in a computer game, leading to imaginary universes created with surround projections, binaural soundscapes, lights, scent, wind and water effects. The effects are triggered using sensors and a bespoke mains relay system I developed with Jonathan Green. Guests aren’t told how it works: the fun lies in discovering and exploring their relationship with a pliable environment. 

CHAMELEON 02 - K Pushkin

Visitor responses:

You have to think about it. You’re involved in it. You are the artwork. 

Fantastic! Played on my senses. At first I thought it was going to be a scary experience, but it was more of a spiritual experience… and I wanted to play, going in and out of each entrance and determining which sounds will be played when I walk through it. Definitely enjoyed this work! FANTASTIC!! 

I was so overwhelmed that I was reduced to tears. I found the experience fascinating… Changing over the music/sounds was brilliant. The accompanying visual effects on the structure in the middle was brilliant. I felt that I had been transported to the beach. Amazing, fantastic, etc. 

It’s hard to describe just what you experience in there, so many different emotions mixed in and linked to what you are hearing / seeing and how that interacts with your senses. And the overriding relaxing ambience makes the whole experience almost overwhelm your sense of relaxation to the point where you do just want to curl up and close your eyes… 

CHAMELEON 01 - K Pushkin 2

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