Bleep ‘n’ Grind

An immersive musical

Our very first production was very much for grown-ups! Katerina directed an earlier incarnation of Cloud Cuckoo Land in devising this technically innovative, immersive musical for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

Plays with new ideas, technologies and music to create a genuinely new theatre experience. The industrial power of the futuristic settings, hypnotic robotics, puppetry and tender love story all surge through the show at an incredible rate. What Cloud Cuckoo Land are doing is as brave as anything Ex Machina or Robert Wilson are doing. – Simon Duff (Contemporary Magazine)

* * * * Plunged into darkness throughout most of the show, this is a tantalising treat for your eyes and ears… Barely a theatrical technique is left untouched as the story rapidly unfolds, translating filmic techniques to the stage… I found the experience exhilirating, inspiring and altogether uplifting. An intoxicating theatrical cocktail.– National Student Magazine

As a first-time theatregoer I honestly didn’t know what to expect… I thoroughly enjoyed it… All the characters were lit up on a dark stage which was a brilliant effect… It’s made such an impression on me I want to go and see more theatre. – Amanda, Hartlepool

I thought it was awesome… the colours and costumes were mesmerising…
Get the Mighty Boosh generation on board and you’ll be sorted.
– Ben, 21, London

* * * An assault on the senses…often very effective. A howl in the dark against the cruelty of celebrity culture – The Scotsman

bleep mini image

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