Ding Dong


An interactive musical play about time for younger children.

Help Dot, Smidge, Mooch and Nora save their beloved clocktower – in the nick of time!

dd spring 2016 cast smaller

A cast of actor-musicians create a unique 360° immersive listening experience by playing a wide variety of instruments live, all around the audience. Children join in with the music-making and story-telling through clapping, singing, movement, call-and-response and imaginative suggestions. The post-show musical stay-and-play session offers hands-on engagement with acoustic instruments, as children develop their own musical ideas through play.

Ding Dong toured theatres, schools and hospitals in June and Autumn 2016. It was supported by Arts Council England, The Sir Barry Jackson Trust, mac Birmingham and Birmingham Repertory Theatre.


Images copyright Naomi Oppenheim, Scott Johnston & Lucy Poulson

Listen to songs from Ding Dong:


Watch Ding Dong Fun videos:


There’s more musical fun on our Ding Dong Fun microsite!

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